Studio Locations

SNicholas Art Studios – Bellefonte

Susan’s Studio is located in the heart of Bellefonte and has been on numerous tours over the last 30 years. Her impressionistic pastel, oil, and watercolor landscapes capture the emotion of a moment with spontaneity and directness, both in nature and in the studio. Her unique 1902 home with three floors of galleries and two Studios is a true experience.  Art framed and unframed, ranging from miniatures to large at affordable prices will be for sale.  Visit:

The Crooked House – Milesburg

Open to the public is Benjamin Fehl’s studio, located on the property adjacent to The Crooked House at Homecoming Park.  The featured exhibit focuses on the final production of the house facade sculpture.  A full-scale mockup of a 4-foot-wide by 6-foot-tall portion of the sculpture will be on site.  Displayed along side of this mockup will be sequenced components and parts of the mold used to produce the sculptural concrete panels.  A small collection of Fehl’s creative works dating back to the late 90s will also be on display.

Mary’s Pink Church – Julian

At the Pink Church you will find….

Traveling Colors Studio – Julian

This is the first time Brienne M Brown’s newly finished studio has been open to the public. Come see her painting studio and gallery space where many framed and unframed original watercolor paintings will be available at sale prices. Also get more information about online and in-person watercolor instruction with Brienne.

Hours Saturday, August 10, 2019 from 12-5 pm
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